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Life begins and ends with testosterones. It is your life force. It is so important that it is transmitted to the embryo within the first 4 to 6weeks of gestation.

Before birth, the testes of the fetus start to secret its own testosterones (T). During infancy, it promotes bone growth and muscle definition.

Throughout your teenage years, it promotes hair growth, the deepening of the voice, the development of the Adam’s apple, the development of the phallus, the enlargement of sebaceous glands, the broadening of the shoulders and muscular strength.

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Falling Testosterone Levels in Western Men

Over the last several decades, the levels of T in Western men have been steadily declining. Today, the level of the manhood hormone in the average American male is 20% less than that of an American male in 1950.

What are the repercussions of low levels of the virilizing hormone?

The answer is shockingly simple: a decline in masculinity. This has frightening implications. Civilizations are built by the energy of men. The energy of men comes from their balls.

If their testicles stop secreting the performance hormone, men will lose their life force and civilization will collapse. The Western man is losing his balls and his civilization is collapsing.

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Intense Cardio Brings Testosterone Highs

Over the same decades that T levels declined in Western men, prosperity has been shifting from the West to the East. There are currently more millionaires in Asia than in Europe and America combined. You can expect this trend to accelerate as the decline in the production of manhood hormones in Western men continues.

Solution to the Decline of Testosterone Levels in the West

The first step in solving any problem consists of identifying the cause(s) of the problem. Once the cause(s) is identified, we stand a chance in working out a solution(s).

Nobody knows the exact cause of the decline of T levels in the West.

Scientists have advanced two main theories to explain this disturbing trend: obesity and the general decline in smoking. These are just theories i.e. they are not backed by empirical evidence.

Not a single mainstream scientist has ventured to theorize about the elephant in the room.

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Everybody knows that environmental factors impact physiology. The men of Ancient Sparta were as courageous as lions and as fit as bulls. Their culture and social environment encouraged bravery and athletism. As a result, these men developed incredibly high levels of the aggression hormone.

We live in a different social environment today!

This is what passes for funny on the mainstream media today. A group of mature women laughing at the mutilation of male genitalia!

After this egregious incident, Sharon Osbourne kept her fabulous media job. Do you suppose any man could get away with the same horror? Suppose men sat around laughing about an incident, in which, a woman’s breast had been cut off? Do you think; the men would have kept their jobs?

Feminism is the elephant in the room that no mainstream scientist will ever dare to mention _ certainly not in this political climate. Any scientist who dares to suggest a possible correlation between unbridled feminism and falling T levels, can immediately kiss his job goodbye.

The Western man is being systematically emasculated. The incident of Sharon Osbourne leading the pack of harridans laughing at the mutilation of male genitals is an extreme display of the daily misandry being spewed by the Western media.

Misandry is in the school system, the justice system (perhaps injustice system is more apt), the political system and the workplace. From every facet of society, the masculinity of the Western man is being viciously attacked.

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How to Boost Testosterone Levels

This is the source of the decline of testosterone levels in Western men.

No, we do not have empirical evidence to support this assertion. However, there is definitely a correlative relationship between the rise of feminism and the decline of T levels. We are looking forward to the day, when the causative relationship will be proven to be scientific fact.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Now that you know the most likely cause of your decreasing libido, the solution is obvious. Do not get married! Date women! Sleep with them, but do not sacrifice your balls on the altar of marriage.

The second step is to stay fit. Eat clean and exercise regularly. Resistance training is a potent stimulant of manhood hormone production. Intermittent sessions of intense cardio are the most powerful natural stimulant of manhood hormone production.

“40minutes of intense workout is better than 2hours of nonsense.” Jason Statham. Take it from a tough-guy who knows what he is talking about.

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The last and final step is T supplements. Pro testosterone pills are the best natural boosters. They work by stimulating your testicles to secret more juice.

These pills guarantee a steady increase in your performance, strength and endurance. Order the clinically acclaimed pro testosterone pills now and get an awesome blast.