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The popularity of vapor e cigs has surpassed every expectation.
Some of the most sweeping changes in society occur silently. Since the invention of sliced bread, nothing has ever enjoyed such popularity.
It’s hard to imagine that e-cigarettes were only invented in 2003. E-cigs are one of the few inventions that have become widely accepted by the mainstream in less than a decade.
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Best Electronic Cigarette – Gabriela Salles

Vapor cigarettes offer users a means to get their nicotine fix without the carcinogenic poisoning that comes with the combustion of tar.
The testimonials of e-cig users are filled with excitement. One ex-smoker said she was now able to climb 6flight of stairs without respite.
Even though, the health benefits of vapor cigarettes are full of exciting promise, not everyone is happy with these staggering societal changes.
Once upon a time, personal vaporizers were met with derision. People called them fake cigarettes.
Back then, the consensus was that vaping was just another fad destined to suffer a premature death like scores of nicotine replacement products.
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Well, that dismissive attitude towards electronic cigarettes has undergone dramatic revision. The ever soaring sales of e-cigs can no longer be ignored.
Believe it or not, personal vaporizers have unlikely but powerful enemies.
Who would have thought that some of the strongest opposition to vapor cigarettes will come from heart and lung health groups such as the American Lung Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Cancer Society Action Network, etc?
These health groups are vociferously pressuring congress to regulate the burgeoning e-cigs market?
Given the obvious benefits of smokeless e-cigs, shouldn’t health groups promote e-cigs as viable alternatives to smoking?
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Ego Electronic Cigarette

You really have to be naïve to ask such a question.
Money makes the world go round, not your health. Your health is not the primary concern of health groups.
Health groups have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Their very survival depends on it.
Every year, groups like American Lung Association and Cancer Society Action Network receive billions of dollars in grants and research funding.
These groups will go out of business faster than the VHS cassette tapes, if the rate of occurrence of lung cancer dropped by half.
As everyone knows, cigarette smoke is the biggest cause of lung cancer on the planet.

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Cigarette smoke kills more people than alcohol abuse, drug abuse and gun violence combined.
Without these tragic smoking-related deaths, there will be no need to continue funding these health groups.
Unfortunately, this is the sick and twisted way, in which, the world works. Supposed health groups make money off the vices of the most vulnerable in society.
Do not be fooled by these hypocritical health groups. They are not health groups.
They are the purest incarnation of evil masquerading as health groups. There is no limit, to which they will go, in order to effectuate a ban on e-cigs.
A few months back, Stanton Glantz, the director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education said, “There is no question that a puff on e-cigarettes is less toxic than a puff on regular cigarettes.”

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Stanton Glantz is the same jerk that spent the better part of 2012 screaming that electronic cigarettes were potentially dangerous.
He even promoted fake studies that purported to show that electronic cigarettes made bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.
These health groups are devoid of any shame or moral scruple. They will say and do anything necessary to get their funding.
The saddest part of the story is that, these groups are getting their way. These organized health groups have the lobbying money to buy out the politicians.
Do not be surprised, if restrictive regulations on personal vaporizers get introduced.
Furthermore, as politicians regulate and tax the living ghost out of personal vaporizers, their prices will inevitably rise.

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Yes, higher prices are coming fellows. Such is life. For now, enjoy the cheap prices while you can.
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